ONLINE UPDATE: Appointments and Galleria plans at BOA

by Cole Dittmer
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Town of Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen vote unanimously to form a task force to handle the process of submitting and accepting Requests For Proposals for the various Information Technology projects approved in the FY 2013-2014 budget. 
The task force will include town staff like IT manager Raquel Ivins, Alderman Darryl Mills and an outside professional IT consultant. 
The IT projects approved for funding in the FY 2013-2014 budget includes a new copier, server virtualization and a hosted Microsoft Exchange transfer.

The board also appointed Zeke Partin to Wrightsville Beach Planning Board over Michael Edmonds and South Beach Grill owner John Andrews over Blockade Runner GM Nicholas Montoya to the Wrightsville Beach Marketing Advisory Committee. 
With Partin now serving on both the planning and marketing advisory board, the board plans to discuss her double appointment and review whether or not to develop a policy only allowing individuals to serve on one board.

Alderman Mills says Jeff Kentner, president of State Street Companies-the developer that has shown interest in the Galleria Shopping Center property-has approached town manager Tim Owens and himself about wanting to work with the town to explore the possibilities of developing the property.
The BOA voted not to support State Street Company's request for the town to de-annex the property so it could develop the property within the City of Wilmington's mixed use planning zone. 
Mills and Owens will begin forming the group to explore the options for State Street Companies to develop the property within the town limits.

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