ONLINE UPDATE: Barfield questions unprecedented amotion process

by Kelly Corbett
Thursday, April 18, 2013

With Commissioner Brian Berger absent from Thursday’s New Hanover County Board of Commissioners’ agenda review, Commissioner Jonathan Barfield Jr. questioned the amotion process that would set a precedence in North Carolina.

“This is something untested, untried by any board,” he said.

The censure and amotion discussion is the last item listed on the Monday, April 22 meeting agenda. As part of the item, the board will consider the adoption of a resolution of censure of Berger, adoption of a resolution authorizing the issuance of a petition in amotion to remove Berger from the board, the service of a notice of hearing and the adoption of hearing rules and procedures.

Barfield said he did not want to move in a direction without fully understanding the process.

“I don’t know how we got to this point,” he said. “… Normally we have meetings with the commissioners two-by-two.”

County attorney Wanda Copley said the legal team has not met with any of the commissioners to go over the amotion process.

“This is something that the board directed us to do,” she said.

Barfield said he had no problem with the censuring portion of the agenda item. He later said he would not have time before the April 22 meeting to meet with Copley to discuss the amotion process.

“Yes, it is unprecedented across the state,” said Vice Chairwoman Beth Dawson, who led the meeting in place of Chairman Woody White who was also absent. “Tough times call for tough actions. … These items will be discussed on Monday, for consideration on Monday.

Commissioner Thomas Wolfe also spoke in favor of the agenda item saying he felt time was of the essence.


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