ONLINE UPDATE: BOA discuss smoking ban

by Cole Dittmer
Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen discussed the plan for implementing the smoking ban tonight at its regular meeting and favored public awareness strategies like: a large sign listing prohibited behaviors to replace all other signs currently at public beach accesses; magnets to distribute to the community, rental agencies and hotels; a digital banner on the town's website; and enough cigarette butt receptacles to cover the majority of public beach accesses.

In terms of enforcement of the ban, town attorney John Wessell said a if the area's delegates in the North Carolina General Assembly passed a local bill, written by the town, eliminating the gray areas concerning what parts of the beach strand officers could enforce would make it much easier.

Wessell said most of the questions about where officers could enforce the ban would come in the area of the beach strand between the Blockade Runner Beach Resort and the Holiday Inn Resort.

In the meantime, Wessell recommended that there be more of a education campaign raising awareness about the ban until the bill is passed and until the peak tourist season arrives. 

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